Welcome to the Youth Development Division (YDD) Grant Applications and Reporting Web Portal.  This portal is used by YDD’s Community Investments, Youth Reengagement, and Juvenile Justice for applying to and reporting for the YDD Youth Grants Portfolio as well as federal compliance reporting.   


APPLICATIONS:  Use this SM Apply Application web portal to complete grant Applications.    To complete an application, you must register on this page for an account first.    

Current YDD RFAs are:   

  • 2021-2023 Reengagement Opportunity Grants RFA (Open)   

  • 2021-2023 Community Investment RFA (Open)  

For more Information, see the YDD Website.   

REPORTING:  YDD Youth Grant recipient organizations use this Web Portal for required reporting:   

  • Community Investment Grants (Includes:  Youth Workforce Readiness, Youth Solutions Initiative, Youth Promise Initiative, Youth Violence and Gang Prevention) 

  • Reengagement Opportunity Grants  

For questions, please contact your grant manager or email: youth.development.division@ode.state.or.us 


REPORTING:  Facilities that are exercising lawful custody use this web portal to report data for juveniles detained, confined, or placed for an annual compliance determination.  For questions concerning compliance with custody of juveniles, contact: Ryan Shands, Federal Compliance Monitor ( ryan.shands@ode.state.or.us).   




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